​"My first attempt at practicing yoga was with Matthew.  After just a few sessions I was amazed at how I am already using the principles of mind, body relaxation and control in my singing and movement while on stage.  With his clear and patient teaching I feel that I will continue to improve not only in my yoga practice but my stage craft as well"


"I have been procrastinating about trying yoga for the last couple of years and when I met Matthew and said he was going to be teaching classes at the Festival, I thought "perfect."  Matthew is a great teacher ands I think the Festival is lucky to have someone that can offer up this great yoga practice."​



"I was fortunate to get one-on-one instruction for my first class and I hoped that learning the discipline and postures of yoga would help some of the aches and pains that I found a consistent challenge in my work.  Thankfully, it has been a wonderful compliment, both in work and life.  I don't imagine that my overall well being would be rated as highly, had Matthew not offered this thoughtful service to me."